Paralympic shorts: Bao's discus medal behaves more like a boomerang


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Pity the Chinese discus thrower Bao Jiongyu, who was incorrectly awarded bronze in the F35/36 event yesterday.

Scoring uses the complex Raza System, which is based on a points total rather than the distance thrown. The scorers used incorrect data, skewing the results. But the mishap was discovered only after the medals had been awarded, meaning Bao took to the podium only to be demoted to fourth later on. Bao's teammate, Wu Qing, who was originally awarded silver, will be given her gold medal in a ceremony this morning.

Coe and Co

The Coe family's Olympic dynasty could be secure after Lord Coe suggested that his nephew had taken an interest in gymnastics. "One of my nephews, who never really thought about gymnastics, watched gymnastics during the games here and went back to his home town to join the local gymnastics club," the Locog chairman said. "That wouldn't have been remotely on his radar screen two weeks before the games."

Breakfast of champions

Jonnie Peacock, the Team GB athlete who could steal the 100m gold from South African favourite Oscar Pistorius, treated his Twitter followers to a photograph of his breakfast yesterday. Although certainly healthier than Michael Phelps' 4,000-calorie feast, it was still an impressive 1,000 calorie-plus spread: six chicken wings, two chicken breasts smothered in what looked like salsa, an enormous chicken leg, a pile of white rice and a large fruit bowl. Lurking on an adjacent tray was what appeared to be beef with vegetables, but it's unclear whether he scoffed that down as well.