Paralympic Shorts: Heard the one about David Cameron, George Osborne and the Paralympic jeers?


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The Paralympics has a new joke, courtesy of a wit who, one suspects, enjoyed hearing Chancellor George Osborne being booed. "Why did 80,000 people boo George Osborne?" crowed the twittersphere as the Chancellor's name started trending. "Because that's the maximum capacity of the Olympic Stadium."

The Chancellor tried to shrug off the chorus of jeers but his laugh appeared rather nervous, even sheepish, as he prepared to present gold to Tunisia's T38 400m champion Mohamed Farhat Chida.

Earlier, his boss had been treated to the same vocal hatred, albeit on a smaller scale in the Aquatic Centre. As David Cameron stepped forward to hand Ellie Simmonds her second gold medal of the Games, the crowd started booing.

McDonald's? She's lovin' it

More good news for the official London 2012 Paralympics partner, McDonald's, as it was revealed that double-gold-medal winning para-dressage rider Natasha Baker's success was, in fact, down to stuffing her face with the fast-food giant's offerings.

Baker said she had indulged in a "cheeky" McDonald's the night before her first win. Not only that, she was afraid that straying from her questionably nutritious McDiet would cost her a second medal.

As a result, the superstitious athlete ate the same meal for five days.

"It was so worth it for the gold medal," she said.

Medal 'winner' refuses to give up

The Ukrainian discus athlete who was mistakenly awarded the gold medal in the F35/36 class on Friday after a scoring mishap appears to be refusing to hand it over.

Mariia Pomazan, 23, didn't turn up to a rearranged ceremony yesterday morning only a day after admitting she was "very, very angry" about losing to Wu Qing of China.

Wu Qing was originally given the silver when the discus scores – which are measured using a complicated points system rather than the actual distance thrown – were miscalculated. The IPC communications director Craig Spence said: "We have tried our hardest since Friday, when the error occurred, to try to find a solution with both the Chinese and the Ukrainians. There has been a lot of negotiation. We have struggled and failed to reach a conclusion that suits all parties."

Stat of the day: World records have been broken in 110 different events and classifications in just five days of competition.

Quote of the day: 'The Chinese guy was standing next to me listening to George Michael! I didn't understand that' - British swimmer and Silver medallist Sascha Kindred