Winter Olympics 2014: Charles Dance of Game of Thrones features in official (and OTT) trailer for Sochi Games

The BBC are due to screen 650 hours of live coverage from Russia

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It would be easy to mistake this trailer from the BBC for a new film in the Lord of the Rings franchise - but it is in fact to promote their coverage of the upcoming Winter Olympics.

With vast mountain terrains and theatrical music, the fantasy film feel is only enhanced by the voice-over by British actor Charles Dance, best known for his role as the uncompromising Tywin Lannister in Game of Thrones.

The transcript for the trailer goes as follows...

I am the dreadful menace.

The one whose will is done.

The haunting chill upon your neck.

I am the conundrum.


I will summon armies.

Of wind and rain and snow.

I made the black cloud overhead.

The ice, like glass below.


Not you, nor any other.

Can fathom what is nigh.

I will tell you when to jump.

And I’ll dictate how high.


The ones that came before you.

Stood strong and tall and brave.

But I stole their dreams away.

Those dreams could not be saved.


But now you stand before me.

Devoid of all dismay.

Could it be? Just maybe.

I'll let you have your day.


It's difficult to see how the curling will live up to such a dramatic billing.