Q & A: Supporters singing for their supper

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Q. Are there any European football equivalents to Oldham Athletic's new terrace song "Meat Pie, Sausage Roll" and, if so, what food is featured? I ask this because a French colleague once told me about an early 1980s Paris St-Germain chant featuring "Croissants et Boissants"?

A. For a short while, a small section of the crowd at Millwall away games during the early 1990s sang "cheese and biscuits, cheese and biscuits, soooooooup, soooooooup!" I heard it first during a FA Cup tie at Norwich. FC St Pauli fans in Hamburg sing - in translation - "Kebab, Tzatziki and a salad, Kebab, Tzatziki and a salad..." Lord knows why. I suppose the most famous must be the celery song of Chelsea fans, "Celery... celery, if she won't come, I'll tickle her bum, With a stick of celery! Celery..."

Danny Baker (no relation),



Q. After the goalkeeper Kevin Pressman's heroics for Sheffield Wednesday in the penalty shootout against Watford, which goalie has the best record as a penalty taker?

J Candy, Stratford

Q. Whatever happened to Evander Holyfield's lobe after it was bitten off by Mike Tyson? Is it in a museum?

A Richards, Liverpool

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