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What did Pete Sampras say after beating you on Friday?

He said: "You had a good tournament." I told him he served well and he said he it had just been his day. I said: "Peter, every time you go on to a tennis court is your day."

You've talked about your love of gardening. What's your favourite plant?

That gardening thing has been blown out of all proportion. I couldn't even name a plant, let alone have a favourite. My garden's full of weeds, but there is a nice tree. I like the tree.

What was the best moment of your career?

Playing Davis Cup, winning the nationals and playing at Wimbledon.

What is the ideal meal in preparation for a match?

I don't watch my diet too much, but I like pasta, so it would be something like a boring Bolognese or pasta with chicken.

Who was your tennis hero?

I didn't have one. When I was very young I watched Bjorg on TV but I didn't have heroes. I like watching players who play like me, such as Chang, and players who I would like to play like, such as Agassi.

Who is the greatest sporting figure of the 20th century?

I couldn't even begin to think, but I'd say Steve Redgrave.

What do you think about the non-tennis hype surrounding Anna Kournikova?

It's just one of those things that she's got to accept. You've got to throw your life away, your privacy and your private life, to be a superstar.

Should women players earn the same as men?


What is your favourite thing about Wimbledon?

The crowds.

Have you ever had a tantrum?

Plenty. They're all part of growing up.

Which young player would you most like to coach?

Anyone who is fully committed.