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What a) was your first car? b) current car? c) ideal car?

a) Volkswagen Beetle; b) Renault Laguna and Ferrari 355; c) a Lear Jet.

What's the best you can hope for in the last British Championship races of the season in the coming fortnight?

As this will be the last two races for the Nescafe Blend 37 Williams Renault team I'm looking for podium finishes and hopefully at least one win.

Have you ever been done for speeding?

Yes, but I have a clean licence now.

Does it frustrate you that Formula 1's profile is so much higher than you own sport's?

Not really. Formula 1 is a series with a global audience. Touring cars is a great sport but it can't compete with the glamour of F1.

What's your philosophy of life?

Is that a Plato pun? It's a one-shot deal. Life isn't a rehearsal so live for today.

Do you get road rage?

Occasionally, but generally I'm pretty chilled out.

What are you like as back-seat driver?

Absolutely awful. As a racing driver, I always see things early, which makes me edgy if I'm not at the wheel. Being chauffeured everywhere would be my idea of hell.

Where do you stand on fluffy dice?

Whatever floats your boat, but there are none planned for the Laguna. I'd rather have a beautiful lady next to me.

Have you ever run over a domestic pet?

Yes, a huge Alsatian once ran out in front of me. It was one of the worst experiences of my life. I'm a great dog lover and I was devastated.

Did you own up?

Yes. Having to speak to the owners afterwards was absolutely horrendous.