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Are you hopeful of getting to your fourth Olympics next year?

Yes. After finishing second at Burghley it must be a possibility.

You had a nasty fall at Bramham this year. What went wrong?

I put my foot on the accelerator too soon. The horse went too quickly, hit the fence and I flew through the air.

What is the mood among riders after the four fatalities this year?

We're trying to stay positive. If you get too negative and wonder whether it's going to happen to you, you wouldn't do it.

What was your most embarrassing eventing moment?

Missing out a cross-country fence at Badminton some years ago. The course was roped so it shouldn't have been possible, but I managed it.

What is your greatest achievement?

Coming back after having a baby and being injured to be second at Burghley. Also winning team gold and individual bronze on Get Smart at the 1994 World Equestrian Games.

Which has been your favourite horse?

Get Smart, who has been such an amazing servant, and Too Smart, who is wonderfully genuine and fantastic across country.

Why aren't the British as dominant in the 90s as they were in the 80s and before?

I believe that we are becoming more dominant again. We had six in the top 10 at Burghley last weekend, so hopefully we're on our way up.

Have any of your horses ever made a fool of you?

Yes. Too Smart was dreadful in the first trot-up at Burghley. He reared up, pulled back and nearly knocked me over. I'm going to get a big strong man to trot him up in future.

Have you ever eaten horse?