Questionnaire: Paul Palmer

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What was the best moment of you career?

My silver medal at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. It's a bit of a cliche but the fact is, every athlete aspires to success at the Olympics.

The worst?

Failing to make the final in Barcelona in 1992. I haven't had too many disappointments, and at the time I really thought I should have finalled.

And the most embarrassing?

Quite possibly this questionnaire. None in swimming.

What are your pre-race procedures?

None whatsoever. I just do what I feel like doing on the day.

Do you shave all over?

Not if I can wear the adidas bodysuit. Otherwise, yes. But only the bits that show.

What might you have done if you had not been a swimmer?

I've always been good with figures, so probably something in the financial world or maybe in the law.

How do you relax?

Going to the pub on a Friday night with a few mates. We never talk about swimming and can really unwind. We also play

Mario Kart a lot.

What is your favourite country to compete in?

Australia. The next Olympics are there so you better enjoy it.

Which historical figure would you like to meet?

Churchill. He was a boy! He inspired us to victory during the war. I'm glad he was British.

How well is swimming covered in the media?

Poorly in Britain. If it were televised more it would raise the awareness. Then it's up to us to win more, to increase the desire to see it.

Who are your sporting heroes?

Graham Hick, Ernie Els and Miguel Indurain, for the talent they display. Els has not let success go to his head and Indurain was just awesome.

Is synchronised swimming a sport?

I have doubts over whether it's an Olympic sport but I can appreciate the training they do as athletes to get to that level.

Have you ever peed in the pool?

Plenty of times. The toilets are a long walk sometimes.