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I am a very well paid entertainer but when I see figures bandied around like pounds 18m for Alan Shearer it makes me laugh. It is absolutely ridiculous and money for old rope. Then you see the players' attitudes - they are paid so much money and they're just strolling around the pitch. Elton John, Watford chairman.

When you're inside an ambulance with a nurse, an anaesthetist and a specialist with his bag of tricks you don't worry about your team's position in the Football League. Graham Taylor, Watford manager, on his emergency trip to hospital with a throat abscess.

He is mad about bananas. He has them in everything,

even in his soup. If he reached into his pocket for a pen,

he would probably pull out a banana.

Middlesbrough captain Andy Townsend on the dietary requirements of his team-mate, Hamilton Ricard.

I just wanted to be able to talk smack, be on the corner, drink some beer, whup somebody's butt now and then. Mike Tyson on his childhood dreams.

I don't give a monkeys how we did it.

John Gregory, Aston Villa manager, after the 1-0 win over Charlton.