Quotes of the Week

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I am surprised Mike has walked away. I have got to know him very well over the last few months and it surprises me anyone would walk away from a football club a day before an important game. Robert Chase, Norwich City chairman, on Mike Walker's resignation.

I keep reading that I could earn pounds 400,000, but to do that we would have to win the League, the Cup, the Boat Race and the Grand National. Walker, prior to his resignation.

It's the greatest performance by any South African team ever. We're all very proud of them. Ali Bacher, the managing director of the United Cricket Board of South Africa after his country's five-run win over Australia.

I know that about half the balls I face will probably be aimed at my head, but as there is less chance of getting out to that type of bowling, I prefer it that way.

Robin Smith, the England batsman, looking forward to the tour of the West Indies.

Sixty-five years old and bald as a badger. The Australian tennis player Wally Masur on a shaven-headed Mikael Pernfors before losing to him in the Hopman Cup.

He's used to crowds. He's the youngest of 13 kids. The Leeds manager Howard Wilkinson on 19-year-old Gary Kelly's impressive performance at Old Trafford.