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n It was a complete accident but I'm responsible for my actions. Tim Henman after being disqualified for hitting a ball girl with a ball.

n If I'd done that at Wimbledon I would have been jailed. John McEnroe on the Henman incident.

n It's turned off and I'm going to turn off as well. Thomas Muster, the French Open champion who has won 40 consecutive matches on clay, has no plans to watch Wimbledon on television

n If someone could give me a new body and leave with this quiet old head, I'd be some player. Jo Durie, the former British No 1, who is playing her last Wimbledon.

n I'm still going to hit my 20 or 30 aces if they make us play with water balls. Goran Ivanisevic on the softer balls at Wimbledon

n Better younger girls than younger guys. Ivanisevic on his fan club at Wimbledon

n I think that is goodbye to Wimbledon. I think it will be my last. It's a jungle out there and everyone wants to kick your ass. Henri Leconte after his first-round defeat

n I'd like to see the two of them get together with a pint or a punch- up and sort it. I'll be the umpire. David Lloyd, Britain's Davis Cup captain, on Chris Wilkinson's dispute with Britain's new No 1, Greg Rusedski.

n She's been practising a long time and beating up on all the guys. But it's about healing the mental scars, about playing in front of a crowd and banishing those demons. Chris Evert, former Wimbledon champion, on the planned comeback of Monica Seles.

n I don't feel that right now. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't. I just can't tell beforehand. Steffi Graf on her back problem.

n For tennis and the young players it is better that Jimmy [Connors] lost. At his age I'll at the most be a line judge on the court. Michael Stich after the 42-year-old had lost in the quarter-finals of last week's Halle tournament.

n I simply wasn't prepared to commit myself for seven days a week. In any walk of life people want more leisure time. Kenny Dalglish, who has stepped down as Blackburn Rovers manager.

n I don't like cycling but I found I was good at it. It's painful, dangerous and goes on for a long time. Chris Boardman, Britain's big hope for the Tour de France.

n David Pleat could give me a few lessons in being a Robin Hood. We are not robbing anyone. His remarks about me being a poor mathematician are condescending. Frank Clark, who signed Chris Bart Williams for pounds 2m from Sheffield Wednesday and angered their new manager.

n They will have to learn to play better rugby in the Northern hemisphere if they want to sign up. Rupert Murdoch, whose News Corporation announced a 10-year broadcast deal worth pounds 366m with South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.

Rob McLean