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n This is awesome. Winning a Major sober is unbelievable. John Daly, the new Open champion.

n I had four doughnuts on eight and a chocolate chip muffin on 10. I've got more addictions now than when I was drinking. Daly, who is also suffering migraines since giving up drink over two years ago.

n A re-match with Eubank is not in my plans. I'm not even interested in him because he's got nothing I want, except a Harley-Davidson motorbike. Nigel Benn, WBC super-middleweight champion, after his defeat of Italian Vincenzo Nardiello.

n To be honest, I was trying to make two putts. Costantino Rocca on his amazing putt at the 18th

n I was afraid for my life. He was wild. He was absolutely out of control. I was so frightened of this raging maniac. Eleanor Weinstein, John McEnroe's neighbour in a New York apartment block, who had a row with him about his monopolising the building's lift.

n I remember saying, tongue in cheek, that it would not be realistic to pick somebody of my age but it is flattering to be asked. John Emburey, back in the England team at 42.

n It is difficult because he is too moody and I have problems with moody people. But it would be a great gesture for the German fans to be fair to Hill and applaud him. Michael Schumacher on his difficult relationship with Damon Hill.

n They were cheering because he was public enemy No 1. Michael Joyce, American tennis player who beat Greg Rusedski, playing his first match in Canada since switching allegiance to Britain.

n I almost wanted Howard Wilkinson's team relegated because of their fans. I don't think Leeds deserve to be in the Premier League. You can feel the hatred, their fans were awful. Alex Ferguson, Manchester United manager.

Rob McLean