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n I've told the players Test cricket is 50 per cent in the head and 50 per cent in the heart. - and bugger the technique. Ray Illingworth, chairman of England selectors.

n Brian is a walker. If he thinks he is out, he goes. Wes Hall, the West Indies tour manager, on Brian Lara

n If you want to lose your life that's up to you. Chris Eubank warns Steve Collins about their forthcoming fight.

n If there is one player you can guarantee will run from one corner flag to the next to argue about a decision, it's Mr Alan Shearer. Brian Hill, former Premiership referee.

n Paul Ince has no imagination. Giuseppe Bergomi, Ince's captain at Internazionale.

n I still can't believe I'm actually doing this and I'm actually here. It's like a dream. It's so exciting. It's what I love to do, it's all I've ever asked for. Monica Seles on her return to competitive tennis after 27 months.

n The momentum this will create for the women's game will be extraordinary. Mark McCormack, the agent, on the comeback of Seles.

n Here we are with our souvenirs. Monica has her souvenir where she was stabbed. I have mine from the operations. My family has theirs deep inside from all that has happened. Karolj Seles, Monica's father.

Rob McLean