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n This is my gateway to millions. Don't talk to me about less than £1m for my next fight. Steve Collins after winning the World Boxing Organisation super-middleweight title from Chris Eubank.

n He underwent hypnosis and this is a form of legal cheating. It should be outlawed in boxing. Eubank.

n How eight of them can look me in the face and pick up their wages I don't know. Alan Smith, the Crystal Palace manager, after defeat by Wimbledon.

n The Premiership is a crazy league. Win a couple and you are looking at Europe, lose one and you are facing a relegation fight. Brian Horton, the Manchester City manager.

n If Brian wants to say he is not quitting that's fair enough. Francis Lee, Manchester City's chairman.

n He [Klinsmann] was looking for a penalty all night. Roy Evans, the Liverpool manager, accuses the German striker of diving.

n There is a responsibility to make the game a spectacle but they [Scotland] were going over the top and killing the ball throughout. Brian Moore, England's hooker, on the Grand Slam decider.

n Monica was a laughing, cheerful girl. This cheerfulness has disappeared from her face. It's hard for us as parents to see this, but for her it's the hardest. Seles' father, Karolj.

n Tennis players never die.We just get recycled somewhere else. Brad Gilbert, American player.

Rob McLean