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I cannot understand why at 33 he has not grown up. I think the FA will have to do him for it - and do him quite hard. David Mellor on Ian Wright after the trouble at Leicester.

For goodness sake, either give the lad a good hiding or let him go. There's no controlling him. It's time we got rid of him for good. Elderly shareholder at Arsenal meeting, on Wright

The way the selectors are carrying on you'd think Michael Atherton was the King of England. Geoff Boycott on the captaincy issue.

He is No 1 as far as my staff, the coaches and the management are concerned. David Lloyd, England coach, on Atherton.

It's not the sort of size where you want to wave it about much. Mark Taylor, Australian captain, on the Ashes trophy and whether it should go back to Australia.

There are seven billion people on this planet. Why can't he tell just one person - me? Nick Faldo on being kept in the dark by Seve Ballesteros about his wild card choices for the Ryder Cup.

I enjoyed all my goals equally. All goals are beautiful. Marco Negri, of Rangers, after his five goals against Dundee Utd.

It has been said that they've put me behind the wheel of a Ferrari but even Michael Schumacher didn't win the world title in his first season. Gigi Simoni, Internazionale coach, on the pressure on him following the signing of Ronaldo.

Newcastle are a bunch of losers. Zlatko Canjuga, Croatia Zagreb president, before his side's European elimination by Newcastle.

I tackle to hurt people - Samoan players are like that. Terry Fanolua, Gloucester's new signing.

And now over to the European Sightseeing Championships. Radio 5 Live gets its swimming trunks in a twist.