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n I don't know how old I was at the start of the game, but I'm 93 now. It was a long, long time watching my team keep Wimbledon out. It was like 120 years in Alcatraz. Martin O'Neill, Leicester manager, after his team's Coca-Cola Cup semi-final away-goals victory.

n What we've got to remember is that we could quite easily have gone out to Colwyn Bay in the first round. Brian Flynn, manager of Wrexham, beaten FA Cup quarter-finalists.

n I didn't see what had happened to him. Our mirrors don't see that far back. Michael Schumacher on Damon Hill's parade-lap exit from the Australian Grand Prix.

n What is going on? Is this the first day back at school or what? Martin Brundle, ITV analyst, on the first-lap chaos in Melbourne.

n I get funny highs. It is wearing off already. Scotland's footballers winning a World Cup match would last longer. David Coulthard, Australian Grand Prix winner, asked how he felt after the race.