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If people want to write about me at death's door, good luck to them. I hope everybody feels as good as I feel. Brian Clough on the state of his health.

If Henman does not start taking drugs or going out drinking every night, he will go very high. Guillaume Raoux French tennis player, after losing in the second round of the Australian Open.

My brain is scrambled eggs right now. I'm really struggling to speak normally because I'm burning, especially my feet and legs. Boris Becker after losing in 100F heat in the Australian Open.

We were leading Monaco by eight points shortly before the break and we lost that lead. It is unacceptable. In 1997 you'll have to work and run until you vomit, if it's necessary. Ricardo, Paris St Germain's Brazilian coach.

He's a hot-tempered guy. He got out to what was an illegal delivery like everybody else thought, and he was just a little upset. Wasim Akram, the Pakistan cricket captain, on Aamir Sohail's one-match suspension for dissent.