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n I did not sleep all night through because I was tense. And now I feel extremely tired. I may go to bed early tonight... I deserved this title. Alberto Tomba in restrained mood after winning his first gold at the World Championships in the giant slalom in Sierra Nevada.

n I'm taking all my clothes off. Everybody naked in the snow. Let's go. A fan of Tomba is more exuberant.

n He [Neil Smith] had a pizza last night. Now it's on the field out there. Ray Illingworth after his player was sick during the cricket World Cup match against the United Arab Emirates.

n He bored me to tears. He went to the toilet at least four times in one and a half frames. Chris Small, snooker player, after his 5-3 defeat by Karl Broughton in the International Open in Swindon.

n I dare not go. I'm simply scared of catching some serious disease. Stefan Edberg refuses to play for Sweden in the Davis Cup in India

n We've been through bumpy times, both of us, from the press point of view, but we've ridden them out. But I have to say he [Graham Taylor] is not a turnip and I think it's time for the turnip to end - you can call him a Hornet. Elton John, Watford's former chairman, now life president on the appointment of Graham Taylor as the club's general manager.

n Being an ex-England manager, one that failed to qualify for the World cup, is like being a dead politician. Taylor.

n I question whether the ref would have given it at the other end. Alan Ball, the Manchester City manager, on Manchester United's penalty in their FA Cup tie.