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Umpire Orchard was considering changing his decision anyway. Clive Lloyd, the match referee, explains how Graham Thorpe was finally adjudged run out in the final Test.

It was made by the President's Box and you can't have that. Raymond Illingworth on Thorpe's dismissal.

Once a decision is made you should not be allowed to go back on it. Thorpe, not unexpectedly, disagrees with the outcome.

I would like to see the referees in Five Nations matches get the same as the England players. Robert Horner, chairman of the referees sub-committee, wants his men to climb aboard the gravy train.

We will be picking the washer-woman next. Viv Anderson, Middlesbrough's assistant manager, reveals the extent of their injury crisis.

Anybody short of Jesus Christ could coach this team and we wouldn't win. Bryan Cox, of the Miami Dolphins, reacts to their play-off defeat.

I couldn't get up. I felt like I was stuck to the mattress. Diego Maradona on how his cocaine problem stopped him getting his daughter a glass of water.

What did I feel when that final dart went in? Just relief. It's even better than sex. Phil Taylor is suitably ecstatic after winning the WDC World Championship for the second successive year.