Racing: No dope found in Trigger

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The official analysis of samples taken from the Melbourne Cup flop Double Trigger have found no prohibited substances in the favourite's system.

"They've said he is clear and I am quite happy," Mark Johnston, the four- year-old's trainer, said after arriving back in Middleham yesterday from Australia.

An irregularity had been reported in Double Trigger's pre-race blood test - which almost prevented his taking part - and it was also shown in the post-race urine sample. But it was found to be caused by a metabolite of a substance which is a naturally occurring consitituent of some feedstuffs and was subsequently found in analysis of the feed given to Double Trigger before the race.

Johnston said: "It is still a mystery why he ran like he did [17th of 20] and we will have to sit down and have a bit of a think about it."