Racing: Study group set up to probe all-weather deaths

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A STUDY group comprising all sectors from groundsmen to vets is to be given the task of investigating the spate of deaths in all-weather jump racing this year. It will convene for the first time in the week following the Cheltenham Festival armed with new data on the brand of racing which the British Horseracing Board banned five days ago after this year's 13th fatality.

A searching analysis of data will focus on the quality of all- weather jumpers and how often they have fallen or been pulled up compared with turf races. Race times are to be compared for each of the four years since all-weather racing was introduced and with similar races on turf courses.

Paul Greeves, racing director at the BHB, said that the study will rely on hard facts and ignore anecdote, given the flood of criticism of turf racing's poor relative.

Tomorrow's meeting at Worcester has been abandoned due to a waterlogged course.