Rallying: Spectator killed in marathon

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A BOY spectator was killed and a British competitor taken to hospital critically ill yesterday as the London-Sydney Marathon made its ill-fated journey from Jodhpur on the penultimate leg of this Indian sector, writes Derick Allsop from Udaipur.

The day's special stage was abandoned after George Barbour, a British-born Kenyan farmer, tried to avoid the young boy but his Peugeot turned over and hit him. Another child died after being knocked over by the same competitor on a road section last Saturday. No charges were brought against the 54- year-old Barbour and last night he was allowed to travel on to his hotel. He was unhurt but his car was wrecked.

The 17.5-kilometre stage was held on a narrow, winding tarmac road through four villages, which was marshalled by police.

Nick Brittan, the event director, said: 'This stage has been used by the Himalayan Rally Association previously. It is approved by the governing body of motor sport in India, and by the government and police. It complies with full Fisa regulations.'

Last week, an Australian competitor was killed in a head-on collision with a mini-bus.

New Zealand's Graham Lorimer, in a Ford Escort, closed to within eight seconds of the leader, Britain's Francis Tuthill, in a Porsche, after the final stage of the Indian leg. The cars will be flown to Australia tomorrow.