Regan has to fight his way back to top

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Robbie Regan was reduced to tears after Alberto Jiminez of Mexico halted his challenge for the World Boxing Organisation flyweight title in Cardiff.

When the tears had dried after nine punishing rounds on Saturday, Regan vowed to fight his way back the hard way. He was pulled out of the fight on his stool by his manager, Dai Gardiner, with his left eye cut and swollen - and no way of turning the tide. Jimenez, of the fast hands and poker face, was miles ahead on all three cards.

The ever-courageous Regan, who had waited two years for this chance, said: "I stayed in close too early and traded with him. That was a mistake. I changed things after three rounds and I thought I won the last two rounds. I think I've learned a hell of a lot. I felt I belonged in this class. It showed that I'm capable of beating him on another night. I'll be back if I have to go for the British and European titles to do it. I'm willing to go back to that route."

Regan, however, did not possess the necessary power to knock Jimenez out his stride and even the Welshman's best shots never brought a flinch or change of expression on the champion's face.