Rioter gets shot in crotch with grenade: viral video spotlight

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Footage of a rioter in Vancouver getting hit with a flashbang grenade has gone viral on YouTube leading the unfortunate incident to be duplicated, remixed and set to music. 


The recent riots in Vancouver began on the night of Wednesday, the 16th following the defeat of the ice hockey team Vancouver Canucks in the final of the Stanley Cup at the hands of the Boston Bruins. 

Numerous videos of the riots have been uploaded to YouTube, but one in particular has gone viral and inspired a host of alternative versions and several songs.

Titled " Vancouver Riot- Flashbang to the Nuts," the video shows a rioter being hit in his manhood by a "flashbang" grenade, a non-lethal explosive device - though some question, this claiming it is in fact a tear gas grenade - which probably brings scant consolation to the subject of the video.

The footage, filmed from a TV channel, is currently ranked 20th in YouTube's "most watched today" charts and as of June 17 had attracted well over 250,000 views after being uploaded on June 16th.

Watch the video: .

Different videos of the same footage have been uploaded several times to YouTube and the video has inspired several songs and video remixes including:

Flashbang Nut Shot
2011 Vancouver Playoff Riot shot to the nuts with tear (song by awolnation)
Vancouver Stanley Cup Riot 2011- Flash bang to the balls! (Dupstep remix)

The video has also featured on several blogs and news outlets including, and