Rowing: Glory comes before Power

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WITH two trial eights called Power and Glory, Cambridge rowing has cast off its old ways and heralded the new dawn after winning the Boat Race this year for only the second time since 1975, writes Hugh Matheson.

They raced each other yesterday from Putney to Mortlake, and with less than half a length between them for all bar the last three minutes, they revealed a wealth of talent.

The Glory, led by last year's winning stroke, Will Mason, and featuring Richard Phelps, twice winner of world bronze medals in British eights, stole half a length starting on the Surrey side.

They hung on to it as the bend worked against them after the Black Buoy, but the bend, together with a lighter, tappier rhythm, eventually allowed Peter Holtzenbein, stroking The Power, to draw back almost level.

However, in the rough up to Chiswick Eyot, Mason drew away again and reached the crossing far enough ahead to allow Martin Haycock to steer The Glory in front of The Power, whose crew included the club president, Jon Bernstein - an American international - as well as two German world champions, Peter Holtzenbein and Thorsten Strepplehoff.