Rugby League: Dorahy's future still uncertain: Wigan coach upset with delayed verdict on winning season

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Wigan will name their Challenge Cup final side today amid speculation about the future of their coach, John Dorahy, that refuses to die down.

Despite winning the Championship on Sunday and going to Wembley this Saturday, Dorahy's position still looks insecure following the comment from his chairman, Jack Robinson, that it will be reviewed after Wembley.

'I'm gobsmacked,' Dorahy said. 'I knew when I came here that expectations were very high and that I would stand or fall by my results. Now it looks as though club politics might mean that results aren't enough.'

Dorahy has all his first-team squad except Nigel Wright available for selection. He watched Paul Atcheson and

Jason Robinson play in the

reserve team last night before finalising his choice. 'They have both been a big part of our success this season and I want to give them every chance to stake a claim,' Dorahy said.

Leeds' Wembley preparations will be interrupted

today by another hearing into charges that they fielded a

deliberately weakened side. The club has already been fined pounds 8,000 for putting out an entire reserve team against St Helens and has now been called before the Rugby League's board of

directors to explain why eight reserves started the match against Bradford last Saturday.

The League said that Sheffield Eagles, who fielded a side well below normal strength at Warrington on Friday, had not been asked for an explanation.

Leigh have cut the price of Jason Donohue, who could make a Wembley appearance while on loan to Leeds, from pounds 100,000 to pounds 30,000.

The Widnes coach, Phil Larder, is to think over his future on an end-of-season holiday after his side's disappointing finish in 10th place in the First Division.