Rugby League: McClennan in dock: Investigation of coach's conduct

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MIKE McCLENNAN'S position as coach at St Helens is in the balance as the club investigates an incident in which the New Zealander poured a pint of beer over irate fans on Saturday.

The Saints board of directors held a 90-minute meeting with McClennan yesterday and are now going to talk to a witness and to the supporter who bore the brunt of McClennan's gesture. 'We have got Mike's version and now we need to get these other versions of events,' Eric Ashton, the club's chairman, said. 'We are trying to do this the right way and be fair to Mike, but this doesn't do the club any good.'

Asked whether McClennan's job was in danger Ashton replied: 'I don't want to pre-empt anything, but these are not nice things to happen.' The directors are also annoyed that McClennan has made a statement while they were investigating the matter and have told him to make no further comment.

McClennan said yesterday: 'It was a heat of the moment reaction and I apologise. I regret what happened but they were making highly provocative comments and by the end of the match I'd had enough.'