Rugby League: Two players die in Australia

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Two male players died in separate incidents in Australia yesterday and a female player suffered a spinal injury.

John Brady, the Australian Rugby League spokesman, said a 16-year-old died after an under-16 match. The teenager suffered seizures shortly after a tackle and was treated immediately by paramedics. He was taken to hospital but the youth was believed to have died shortly after arrival.

The second fatality occurred when a 26-year-old man came on as a reserve for Beacon Hill against Belrose. He had earlier played in the reserve game for Beacon Hill against Avalon. After making a tackle, he stood up to mark his man and then collapsed. Sports trainers reached him quickly, followed by medical back-up, Brady said. He said reports from the grounds indicated neither tackle had apparently been dangerous.

An ambulance spokesman said the man had a cardiac arrest as a result of making the tackle.

In Sydney, a 17-year-old woman suffered a spinal injury in a tackle. She may have escaped permanent injury, as she was thought to have suffered spinal shock, or bruising of the lower spinal column.