Rugby League: Wigan chief defiant

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The Wigan chairman, Jack Robinson, has denied suggestions that he will stand down at tonight's shareholders' meeting.

"Up to now, I've no intention of resigning as chairman," said Robinson, who will face hostile questioning from a dissident group of shareholders strongly opposed to the sale of Central Park for a supermarket development.

"That is something that can't be changed," he said of the sale, the proceeds of which Wigan hope to invest in a new ground. "But I hope when we tell people all the facts they will feel more positive about the future."

Robinson still faces a possible threat to his chairmanship if disgruntled shareholders go ahead with their threat to try to vote him and his fellow- director, Tom Rathbone, out of office.

The dissident shareholders believe that a new board could renege on the agreement with Tesco or, failing that, join with Wigan Athletic and Orrell rugby union club at a new site in the town. "We have never ruled out joining forces with anyone in the town," Robinson said. "But it wasn't possible to stay at Central Park and upgrade it. I could have agreed with the plan to make Wigan second-class citizens, sharing Central Park with Wigan Athletic. After the two years I have had, I would have welcomed the quiet life, but I knew it wasn't the right thing for the club."

Wigan are trying to accelerate the signing from Widnes of the prop forward Lee Hansen, who is due to join them at the end of June. They have abandoned hopes of recruiting the Australian Test forward, Paul Sironen, because he has failed to gain a release from his contract with Balmain.