Children's rugby club Beddau RFC remind parents it's only a game and not the Six Nations

Welsh club's chairman Jason Powell put the sign up as a reminder

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A Welsh rugby club have been moved to put up a sign to remind potentially pushy parents that the sport is meant to be about kids having fun.

The sign was put up by Jason Powell, chairman of the junior and mini section at Beddau RFC in south Wales.

Powell came up with the sign after seeing something similar in Australia and while he said there had been no problems he said sometimes they can get "carried away".

"We do not experience problems with parents as a rule but on occasions both our parents/supporters can get carried away when watching the children play and forget that it is all about player participation and enjoyment," he told The Independent.

"Our main aim to ensure that the boys play with a smile on their faces and the ball in hand. 

"If we can help to remind the supporters of this from a gentle reminder with these signs then it is a job well done."