Down Under diary: Aussies feeling 'red coats' pressure

Until yesterday, Toutai Kefu was considered a fairly dull columnist for Sydney's Daily Telegraph. So they were stunned when the former Aussie No 8 let fly on England. Usually the "journo" - as they loveably describe us over here - who ghostwrites Kefu's column has trouble getting three controversial words out of him. But on Monday Kefu blurted: "The English have always been arrogant. Go back in history, look at the English Army. Who goes to war wearing red coats?" Uh, sorry? The pressure's not getting to the Aussies, is it?

Welsh relieved by farewell to Canberra

The Welsh squad, fans and bored journalists leave Canberra tomorrow after an eternity in Australia's capital. As other teams enjoyed the many delights of Oz, the Welsh, uh, didn't. Max Boyce - the last world-class performer in Welsh rugby - said at the Sydney Opera House: "There's absolutely nothing there and absolutely nothing's going on.When I looked at my watch the other night, it was 9.10pm in Sydney and 1958 in Canberra." If only it was still 1975 in Wales.