Female rugby player breaks nose, continues playing, proceeds to tackle two more players

Georgia Page has been lauded online as the 'Rugby War Goddess'

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A female rugby player showed the boys how it’s done when she made two bone-crunching tackles after breaking her nose on the pitch.

Georgia Page, an Australian who plays for US university team Lindenwood, broke her nose during a match against Notre Dame earlier this week.

Instead of calling time on her game, she soldiered on – making two further tackles with blood streaming down her face – and winning legions of supporters on social media.

USA Sevens Rugby tweeted out a picture and video of Ms Page during the match, referring to her as the “the Rugby War Goddess,” much to the amusement of the goddess herself to replied: “this is great”.




The rugby player later commented on social media that although her face was “looking better” she still “literally cant [sic] breathe out my nose”.

Her actions helped her team avert a Notre Dame try and her teammates seemed suitably impressed by her actions, although Ms Page noted she was “just doing what every team mate would do!”