Sailing: Questionnaire: Tony Bullimore, Yachtsman

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Has your wife come to terms with your going back to sea?

I don't think Lalel ever thought I wouldn't go back. She knows sailing is part of my life. We both reject any thought that is something heroic.

Which is harder, sailing or raising the money to go sailing?

Without any question, raising the money. I give 90 per-cent of my time to putting together the commercial side and raising finance. Actually getting on board, racing and winning is easy compared with that.

What food did you most wish for when your were capsized and trapped?

There were far more serious things on my mind and I would probably have died of thirst before I died of hunger. But, if there was one thing, it would have been some of my wife's home made soup with crispy bread.

What did you think of the Oscars?

I thought Judi Dench and Shakespeare in Love got the recognition they deserved. It was wonderful for everyone.

What was the last book you read and did you enjoy it?

I am reading a book at the moment about the British Navy in the North Sea during the war. I think it's called Narvik, but I cannot remember the author.

Who or what makes you laugh most?

I like comedy and comedians, but the one who makes me most roll over is Lenny Henry when he is at his best.

What single item would you take to a desert island?

A fully kitted bungalow or a satellite telephone so I could order a pizza, but, in the spirit of the question, I think it would be music and a means of playing it.

How is the battle with cigarettes going?

I am losing, but I am down to under 20 a day and still want to give up. If a sponsor said it was a condition of support I would definitely give up.

Do you support a football club?

No, but if I did it would be Manchester or Liverpool, though, with my east London roots it should be Arsenal or Tottenham. But it would not be Millwall, because of their history of crowd violence.

Do you have a motto?

I even have a coat of arms bought for me by my sister. If I were to write my motto underneath it would read: "Nothing Is impossible and nothing is impregnable."

What is the remaining big goal?

There are many, but top of the list would be to win the Jules Verne Trophy, breaking the record for the fastest circumnavigation under sail, and to win the The Race round the world organised by the French to celebrate the millennium.