Snooker: McKenzie dismissal starts revolt

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The sacking of Jim McKenzie, the chief executive, yesterday after only five months in the post has left the sport in danger of breaking apart.

McKenzie was appointed by the World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association last July but his job has been in jeopardy since he fell out with the association's 64-year-old chairman, Rex Williams.

Now the leading manager Ian Doyle will call for a special general meeting to try to overthrow Williams. It was Doyle who led the last rebellion early this year to help Williams succeed the former chairman Geoff Foulds.

Doyle said: "War has been declared. It's a disgraceful situation. There are a number of people who have not stood up to be counted."

Doyle then confirmed his determination to bring down Williams and two of the chairman's supporters, Bob Close and Jim Meadowcroft, who were elected following the previous coup.

Doyle said: "Jim is absolutely astonished by what's happened, especially as he didn't have a hearing."

Discussing his dismissal, McKenzie said : "At no time have I been given an opportunity to respond to any criticism the board may have of my performance. Nor am I aware of any.''