Snooker O'Kane's pot-shot at nuclear tests

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O'Kane's pot-shot at nuclear tests

New Zealand's Dene O'Kane staged his own protest over French nuclear testing in the Pacific during the Thailand Classic in Bangkok yesterday. But it immediately landed him in trouble with the sport's governing body, the World Professional Billiards and S Association. O'Kane, 32, wore a 6in x 4in yellow logo on his waistcoat which carried the words "Non . . . stop the French tests." He explained: "I am not affiliated to any political organisation or a nuclear lobby. But I feel strongly about all this and made a protest as an individual. I have made my choice and stand by it." O'Kane's protest could result in disciplinary measures being taken against him. "Our rules state that any player must obtain in writing permission to wear logos. As this has contravened one of the rules, I have to report it," said the tournament director, Ann Yate