So you think you know about sport?

There are more questions than answers in our Sporting Quiz of 1994. Com piled by Matt Tench
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THE NUMBERS GAME 1 For whom was the figure 9.85 special?

2 Who started with a 74, but ended a major wait for success?

3 Who finished with a 74, but still made major progress?

4 Who or what was 24 in 1994 but will be 32 in 1998?

5 Which football club achieved a six-point victory in early July?

6 What went over 10 million for the first time since 1982?

7 Who needed 193 for victory and came up 147 runs short?

8 Who beat whom 92-91 over a season?

9 Who beat whom 197-194 over a season?

10 For whom was 12 perfect?

COMMON CAUSES 11 What united Colin Jackson and Celtic Swing?

12 What united Michael Schumacher and Lancashire County Cricket Club in mid-July?

13 What did Oxford United and Mansfield Town have in common?

14 What did Pontedra and Croatia have in common?

15 What did Gary Mabbutt and Bruce Grobbelaar hide?

16 Elfast, Fourth of July and Henry Mann all shared the same fate. What was it?

17 What did Julian Darby do in 1994 that Nick Henry did in 1993?

18 What did, Mary Pierce, Lori McNeil and Arantxa Sanchez Vicario all do?

19 What did Patty Fendick and Shaun Stafford both do?

20 What did Manchester United, Bath and Wigan all do?

FAMOUS FOR 15 MINUTES What did the following do to get in the limelight?

21 Brian Tinnion 22 Oksana Baiul 23 Dionicio Ceron 24 Craig Brewster 25 John Morris 26 Marco Etcheverry 27 Oleg Salenko 28 Francisco Cabello 29 William Sigei 30 Frederik Sandell MONEY MONEY MONEY 31 Whose walk-out cost £125,000?

32 Which American football star agreed to a contract which paid him $8m a year, but did not require him to touch the ball?

33 Who left after spending £21m?

34 Who was prepared to pay £3m a year on his son's education?

35 What rose 70 per cent to £27.9m?

36 Who earned 3,000 times more off the field than on it?

37 Which former Italian Serie D footballer was awarded £20,000 in the High Court?

LITERARY ALLUSIONS 38 "He wrote about the world we live in. The way it is without the bullshit. Not just in The Prince, but in The Art of War."

Who said this of Machiavelli?

39 Which Priestley rebelled successfully at the start of the year?

40 For whom was the music from Much Ado About Nothing a fitting theme tune?

41 For which Lawrence did 1994 close a chapter?

42 Where was Zola's artistry stifled by English orthodoxy?

43 Which giants has this man just slain?

44 Why is this man flushed with success?

45 Why were these two men's roles reversed at the end of the year?

46 How much did this incident cost this man?

47 Who is this and how did he get those stitches?


48 Whose £10m City takeover turned the clock back 20 years?

49 Which Briton successfully sought a world heavyweight title in 1994?

50 Which Briton lost his world heavyweight title in 1994, and to whom?

51 Whose Korea move ended a 17-year wait for Britain?

52 Which Cooke left the international kitchen?

53 Which journeyman's day came in Spain after a 20-year wait?

54 Who took 273 seconds to score a hat-trick in August?

PLACES 55 Who played like gods in Athens on 18 May?

56 In which sport did Ireland beat Papua New Guinea in Nairobi?

57 In what sport did Saudi Arabia beat Belgium in Washington?

58 Why was there a Spanish takeover in Paris for a weekend in June?

59 What only happened at two Ovals and a Bridge?

PREDICTIONS 60 "What we're getting now is a lot of new managers talking about the passing game, but lacking the winning mentality. They're got going anywhere. What have they won? Norwich and Aston Villa have not won anything."

Who said this four months before Villa won the Coca-Cola Cup?

61 "I'll take England by the scruff of the neck and shake it until a winning team comes out."

Who did (or didn't) do this?

Who said:

62 "I'm either manager of this club or I am nothing."

63 "It's going to be a season with lots of accidents and I'll risk saying we'll be lucky if something really serious doesn't happen."

64 "In football you have to take a risk to try to win the match and I think we have to do so in this one. A draw would be a good result, but we cannot afford to go looking for it. That way you lose.''

Who said this, and what happened?

DEPARTURES 65 The highest run scorer in Test history retired in 1994. Who was he and was his tally (a) 11,174, (b) 12,174, or (c) 13,174?

66 The highest wicket taker in Test history retired in 1994. Who was he and was his tally (a) 432, (b) 433, or (c) 434?

67 Which Fourth Division player, who played for England, retired from his sport this year?

68 Which socialist wine connoisseur left his middle-class sport this year?

69 For which former England captain did the sun set in Land of the Rising Sun?

70 Whose back trouble finally proved too much for him?

RETURNS 71 Who came back after 10 years and found Elna Reinach easier to deal with than Jo Durie?

72 Whose refurbished home was open again, with new seats but rather less space?

73 Whose return consisted of 45 minutes against Scotland?

74 Who returned with the words, "I feel like I'm a boring person since I stopped drinking, but I'm healthier"?

75 George Foreman regained the world heavyweight championship in November. How old was he, and when did he last hold it?

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1 Leroy Burrell, who set a world record in the 100 metres.

2 Jose-Maria Olazabal, who won his first major at the 1994 Masters.

3 Ernie Els. He and Loren Roberts hit 74s in the play-off round at the US Open, but Els won the first extra hole 4 The number of teams at the World Cup finals.

5 Spurs, whose 12-point penalty for financial irregularities was halved (and eventually wiped out altogether).

6 The season's aggregate attendance in English football's top division.

7 England's cricketers, in the third Test in the West Indies 8 Michael Schumacher beat Damon Hill for the Formula One Drivers' Championship 9 Richard Dunwoody beat Adrian Maguire for the National Hunt Jockeys' Championship.

10 Rob Andrew, who landed 12 kicks out of 12 for England against Canada.


11 Both enjoyed unbeaten seasons.

12 Both were docked points by their sport's governing bodies.

13 Both knocked Leeds United out of the cup. (Oxford in the FA Cup, Mansfield the League Cup)

14 They both beat Italy at football. Pontedra are a team of Italian part-timers, who defeated the national side in the build-up to the World Cup. Croatia beat Italy in a European Championship qualifying game.

15 Their faces. Both wore masks to protect facial injuries.

16 All fell at the first fence in the 1994 Grand National.

17 Give Manchester United the Premier League title without playing for them. Henry's goal beat Aston Villa to send the title to Old Trafford, Darby's goals for Coventry beat Blackburn and ensured it stayed there.

18 Beat Steffi Graf in grand slam championships.

19 Lost to 14-year-old tennis professionals. Fendick to Martina Hingis, Stafford to Venus Williams 20 Retain their league titles.


21 Brian Tinnion's goal earned Bristol City a 1-0 victory in the FA Cup at Anfield and effectively ended Graeme Souness's managerial career at Liverpool.

22 Oksana Baiul, a 16-year-old Ukrainian, beat Kerrigan and Harding to Olympic gold in the ice dancing.

23 Dionicio Ceron won the London Marathon.

24 Craig Brewster scored Dundee United's goal in their Scottish Cup final defeat of Rangers 25 John Morris, the Durham cricketer, bowled the ball that Brian Lara hit to set a new first class record of 501 not out.

26 Marco Etcheverry of Bolivia was the first player sent off at the 1994 World Cup.

27 Playing for Russia against Cameroon, Oleg Salenko became the first man to score five goals in a World Cup finals match.

28 Francisco Cabello won the first stage of the Tour de France to take place in Britain for 20 years.

29 William Sigei broke the 10,000m world record.

30 Frederik Sandell's goal for Trelleborgs knocked Blackburn out of the Uefa Cup.

MONEY MONEY MONEY 31 Mike Walker. Everton were fined £75,000 and ordered to pay £50,000 for poaching him from Norwich.

32 John Madden who was hired by Fox TV 33 Graeme Souness, Liverpool manager 34 Boris Becker, who is moving from Monte Carlo back to Germany, despite having to pay a lot more tax.

35 Wimbledon's profits.

36 Michael Jordan, who earned $10,000 from minor league baseball and $30m from his endorsements 37 Gino Santin, who assisted Spurs during the Paul Gascoigne transfer, and who sued Panorama after being named in their Terry Venables programmes


38 Mike Tyson 39 Dennis Priestley, who won the World Darts Council's breakaway world title.

40 Tonya Harding, who danced badly to it at the Winter Olympics.

41 David Lawrence, the cricketer, who retired with a knee injury.

42 Copenhagan, where Gianfranco Zola, the Parma playmaker, was thwarted by George Graham's Arsenal side, who won the European Cup-Winners' Cup.

picture this 43 Ray Houghton, whose volley for the Republic of Ireland meant defeat for Italy in the Giants Stadium in New York in their first match in the World Cup finals 44 Andre Agassi, who has just beaten Michael Stich in the US Open final at Flushing Meadow 45 Damon Hill (right), winner of the Japanese Grand Prix, is congratulated by Michael Schumacher. Schumacher went on to beat Hill to the Formula One Drivers' Championship.

46 Michael Atherton was fined £2,000 after TV cameras filmed him rubbing dirt from his pocket into the match ball during the Test against South Africa at Lord's 47 Jonathan Callard, the England full-back, who needed 25 stitches after a raking offence by Eastern Province's Elandre van den Berg, on the summer tour of South Africa.


48 Francis Lee, who became Manchester City chairman in January 49 Herbie Hide, who beat Michael Bentt 50 Lennox Lewis, to Oliver McCall.

51 Jeremy Bates, whose victory in the Korean Open in April was the first by a Briton in a mainstream tennis tour event since Mark Cox in 1977.

52 Geoff Cooke, who resigned as England rugby union manager 53 Carl Mason won his first event on golf's European Tour at Jerez 54 Robbie Fowler, the Liverpool striker, against Arsenal

PLACES 55 Milan, who beat Barcelona 4-0 to win the European Cup 56 Cricket, in the ICC Trophy.

57 Football, at the World Cup 58 Sergi Bruguera, Alberto Berasategui and Arantxa Sanchez Vicario all reached the singles finals at the French Open.

59 Kensington Oval, Kennington Oval and Trent Bridge were the only places where England won Test matches

PREDICTIONS 60 George Graham 61 Ray Illingworth after being appointed as the new chairman of England's cricket selectors.

62 Ossie Ardiles, former Spurs manager 63 Ayrton Senna 64 Alex Ferguson on the eve of Manchester United's 4-0 defeat by Barcelona in the European Champions' League

DEPARTURES 65 Allan Border, (a)

66 Kapil Dev (c)

67 Wade Dooley.

68 Stuart Barnes.

69 Gary Lineker.

70 Ivan Lendl, who retired from professional tennis with a chronic back problem

RETURNS 71 Tracey Austin, who beat Reinach at the Australian Open, her first match in a grand slam tournament since losing to Durie in Paris in 1983

72 Scotland's. Hampden Park was reopened with an all-seater capacity of 38,000.

73 Ruud Gullit of the Netherlands.

74 The golfer, John Daly.

75 45. He last held it in 1974.


0-25: You obviously haven't started reading those sports books you got for Christmas yet

26-40: You're a candidate for the England cricket team - i.e. you could do better

41-60: You seem to be the one who wins the arguments about whether to watch Match of the Day or Don't Forget Your Toothbrush

61 and above: Fancy a job?