Spooky NHL save, Zidane magic, 600lb KO top global sports video charts

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A super save that looks spooky in slow-mo, Zinedine Zidane running rings around his opposition, and a vintage little vs. large MMA fight feature are among the world's most viewed sports videos of the week ending March 29.

Los Angeles Kings' goaltender Jonathan Quick gets the merest of touches on an otherwise goalbound shot - the puck spins and swerves wide of the open net in YouTube's top sports video of the week.

The Adidas All In promotional campaign also gains further traction, as the sportswear manufacturer serve up extra helpings of NBA, NFL, and lacrosse for a US audience.

On China's Tudou service, a face-off between a 600lb amateur Sumo (Emmanuel Yarborough) and a Japanese Jiu-Jitsu fighter (Daiju Takase) that garners the most attention, though the bout itself took place in '98.

Back then, Zinedine Zidane was winning the FIFA World Cup - 101GreatGoals has identified the latest Zizou viral as stemming from a 2009 youth training day.

As ever, French site Dailymotion hosts popular sporting highlights from the past week: this time, Euro 2012 qualification is joined by the International Cricket World Cup.

Nicovideo users are drawn to horse racing videos, horse racing conspiracies, and the female football referee Bibi Steinhaus.

YouTube's most watch sports videos of the week (total views)
1) "Supernatural" save by Quick? 3/21/11 (1,411,964)
2) ADIDAS IS ALL IN - KATY PERRY, D. ROSE, etc (2,014,414)
3) Edin Dzeko making fun of Mario Balotelli ;-) (1,071,670)

Tudou's most watched sports videos of the week
1) ' 3 times heavier than a samurai and TKO'd' (99,529)
2) ' Breathtaking! Zidane humbles young goalie' (85,152)
3) ' Sichuan derby match turns violent' (65,014)

Dailymotion's most watched sports videos of the week
1) Spain v Czech Republic - Euro 2012 qualifiers (89,468)
2) Hungary v Netherlands - Euro 2012 qualifiers (74,506)
3) India v Australia Part 5 - Cricket World Cup 2011 (58,157)

Nicovideo's most watched sports videos of the week ( registration guides)
1) ' Dubai World Cup - Horse Racing' (74,396)
2) ' Man plots against rigged horse racing' (45,950)
3) ' Touching the hearts of female soccer players' (700,455)