Sport in Short: Badminton

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KOREA OPEN (Seoul): Men's singles semi- finals: T Lauridsen (Den) bt A Budi Kusuma (Indon) 15-10 15-13; J Suprianto (Indon) bt Park Sung Woo (S Kor) 15-9 15-7. Women's singles quarter-finals: S Susanti (Indon) bt Ye Zhao-ying (Ch) 11-6 11-6; M Timur (Indon) bt Lim Xiao-qing (Swe) 11-2 11-3; Tang Jiu-hong (Ch) bt Quo Jing (Ch) 11-5 7-11 11-2; Bang Soo Hyun (S Kor) bt K Yunita (Indon) 11-5 11-3. Men's doubles quarter- finals: Shon Jin Hwan and Kang Kyung Jin (S Kor) bt Nam Chul Hwan and Kim Chul Joong (S Kor) 15-11 8-15 15-11; Zhong Yu-min and Huang Zhan-zhong (Ch) bt G and B Suprianto (Indon) 15-8 15-8; J Holst Christensen and T Lund (Den) bt N Ponting and S Archer (Eng) 15-5 15-5; Lee Sang Bok and Lee Suk Ho (S Kor) bt Chen Kang and Chen Hong-yong (Ch) 5-15 15-7 15-7. Women's doubles quarter-finals: Yao Fen and Lin Yan- fen (Ch) bt C Bengtsson and M Bengtsson (Swe) 15-1 15-3; G Clark and G Gowers (Eng) bt Wu Yu- hong and Chen Ying (Ch) 8-15 15-9 15-9; Chung So Young and Gil Young Ah (S Kor) bt T Matsuo and K Sasage (Japan) 15-6 15-4; E and C Yunita (Indon) bt Lim Xiao-qing and C Magnusson (Swe) 15-7 15-11. Semi-finals: Yao Fen and Lin Yan-fen bt Clark and Gowers 15-11 15-1; Chung So Young and Gil Young Ah bt E and C Yunita 15-7 15-5.