Sport in Short: Boxing

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EDDIE FUTCH, the trainer of world champion Riddick Bowe, is expected to remain in hospital for two or three days with a heart problem.

DENNIS ANDRIES will return to the ring at Dagenham on 27 February against an opponent to be named.

WBC BANTAMWEIGHT (Los Angeles): V Rabanales (Mex, holder) bt D Andujar (Phil) pts.

PROFESSIONAL PROMOTION (Leicester): WBC international middleweight: C Pyatt (Leicester, holder) bt D Garcia (P Rico) pts. Light-middleweight: K Dunn (Leicester) bt W Panaylotou (Swansea) rsf 2nd. Lightweight: N Smith (Leicester) bt N Dhalie (Birmingham) pts. Welterweight: M Duke (Gt Yarmouth) bt R Mabbett (Leicester) rsf 1st. British Light-welterweight title eliminator: T McKenzie (Leicester) bt M Driscoll (Portsmouth) pts.