Sport in Short: Cycling

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THE United States-based National Cycle League, the world's only professional city-centre racing league, announced on Saturday the formal establishment for the 1993 season of a EuroConference featuring teams in London, Amsterdam and Milan.

ANTWERP SIX-DAY RACE (Third night) Leading positions: 1 U Freuler (Swit) and P Pieters (Neth) 216 pts; 2 E de Wilde (Bel) and K Khrabzov (Rus) 205. +1 lap: 3 P Bincoletto and G Bontempi (It) 190; 4 T Doyle (GB) and R Sorensen (Den) 97; 5 W Stutz (Swit) and J Bruyneel (Bel) 93.