Sport in Short: Sailing

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WIGHTLINK LYMINGTON CUP, Round Robin 1, Flight 7: L Smith (GB) bt R Heiner (Neth); G Flynn (NZ) bt P Thomson (Can); P Holmberg (Virg Is) bt L Delage (Fr); P Campos (Sp) bt I Southworth (GB); G Meek (SA) bye (v J Bank, Den). Flight 8: Thomson bt Delage; Meek bt Holmberg; Heiner bt Campos; Smith bt Flynn; Southworth bye. Flight 9: Holmberg bt Southworth; Campos bt Smith; Flynn bt Delage; Meek bt Thomson; Holmberg bye. Round Robin 2, Flight 1: Smith bt Delage; Meek bt Flynn; Thomson bt Southworth; Holmberg bt Heiner; Campos bye. Flight 2: Meek bt Delage; Southworth bt Flynn; Heiner bt Thomson; Campos bt Holmberg; Smith bye. Flight 3: Flynn bt Heiner; Meek bt Smith; Campos bt Thomson; Southworth bt Delage; Holmberg bye. Flight 4: Holmberg bt Smith; Flynn bt Campos; Heiner bt Delage; Meek bt Southworth; Thomson bye. Flight 5: Campos bt Delage; Heiner bt Meek; Southworth bt Law; Holmberg bt Thomson; Flynn bye. Standings: 1 Heiner, Holberg 11-3; 3 Campos 9-5; 4= Southworth, Flynn 8-6; Meek 7-7; 7 Smith 6-8; 8 Thomson 5-9; 9 Delage 3-11. Retired: Bank.