Sport in Short: Sailing

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YACHTS competing in the British Steel Challenge suffered equipment failures as the fleet headed into 50-knot winds after rounding Cape Horn. Most of the damage has occurred on the forestay - the line from the masthead to the deck at the bow.

BRITISH STEEL CHALLENGE ROUND-THE- WORLD RACE: Second leg (Rio de Janeiro to Hobart): Leading positions (with miles to go): 1 Nuclear Electric, 3,591; 2 Commercial Union, 3,656; 3 British Steel II, 3,682; 4 Heath Insured, 3,711; 5 Pride of Teesside, 3,739; 6 Hofbrau, 3,752; 7 Coopers and Lybrand, 3,778; 8 Group 4, 3,848; 9 Interspray, 4,085; 10 Rhone-Poulenc, 4,302. (Information supplied by BT).