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WDC UK MATCHPLAY CHAMPIONSHIP (Sheffield) Quarter-finals: D Priestley (Eng) bt E Bristow (Eng) 5-1; J Harvey (Sco) bt T Kirby (Irl) 5-3; R Harrington (Eng) bt P Evison (Eng) 5-4; B Anderson (Eng) bt S Downs (US) 5-4. Semi-finals: Priestley bt Harvey 6-2, Anderson bt Harrington 6-5. Final: Priestley bt Anderson 7-5.

BRITISH INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS (Lakeside Country Club, Frimley Green): Wales bt Scotland 7-5 (Welsh names first): J Davies (Pembrokeshire) lost to A Lister (Central) 0-3; S Palfrey (Gwent) lost to D Cunningham (Fife) 1-3; E Burden (Glam) bt T Nurse (Suffolk) 3-1; B Carey (Glam) bt R Howie (Lothian) 3-2; R Herbert (Gwent) lost to A Brown (Ayrshire) 0-3; L Rees (Glam) bt R Sharp (Ayrshire) 3-1; P Locke (Glam) bt L Wallace (Hants) 3-2; M Phillips (Gwynedd) lost to B Taylor (Grampian) 2-3; R Burnett (Glam) bt M Veitch (Lothian) 3-1; B Edwards (Pembrokeshire) bt G Dalglish (Lothian) 3-2; M Salmon (Glam) lost to S Parkes (W Mid) 0-3; K Thomas (Glam) bt S Rattray (Fife) 3-1. England bt Scotland 7-5 (English names first): D Askew (Surrey) lost to Parkes 0-3; I Brand (Camb) bt Sharp 3-1; R Baxter (Lancs) bt Taylor 3-0; S McCollum (Kent) bt Lister 3-1; A Jenkins (Hants) bt Rattray 3-0; S Burgess (Kent) lost to Wallace1-3; M Adams (Camb) bt J Service (Dumfries) 3-0; D Lee (London) bt Veitch 3-1; A Fordham (London) lost to Brown 0-3; N Gedney (Warwick) lost to Howie 2-3; D Hickling (Yorks) lost to Cunningham 1-3; K Kenny (Merseyside) bt Nurse 3-2. Final placings: 1 England 4pts; 2 Wales 2; 3 Scotland 0. Women: Wales 2 Scotland 2; England 2 Scotland 2;, Wales 3 England 1. Final placings: 1 Wales 3; 2 Scotland 2; 3 England 1.