Sporting Digest: Badminton

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SUDIRMAN CUP WORLD MIXED TEAM TOURNAMENT (National Indoor Arena, Birmingham): Group One: Indonesia 3 Denmark 2; South Korea hold winning 3-1 lead over China. Group Three: Scotland 0 Canada 5 (A Gibson lost to D Julien 1-11 4-11; J Mailer lost to J Dawson 13-18 7-15; J Allen and A Travers lost to S Deng and Julien 5-15 10-15; R Hogg and K Middlemiss lost to M Bitten and B Blanshard 5-15 9-15; G Haldane and Travers lost to A Kaul and Deng 4-15 13-15); Russia 4 Australia 1. Group Six: Ireland 2 Iceland 3 (G Henderson and J Plunkett lost to G Juliusdottir and A Halgrimsson 5-15 16-17; M Watt lost to B Kristjansson 11-15 13-15; S McGinn bt B Petersen 11-6 11-3; B Topping and M O'Meara lost to Kristjansson and Halgrimsson 12-15 6-15; A Stephens and Plunkett bt Petersen and Juliusdottir 18-14 15-11). Group Seven: Wales 2 Switzerland 3 (K Morgan lost to B Villars 9-12 7-11; G Lewis lost to T Wapp 12-15 11-15; R Phipps and Morgan lost to S Albrecht and F Carrel 18-17 14-17 6-15; C Rees and Phipps bt J Rodriguez and Albrecht 9-15 17-16 16-18; Rees and D Tonks bt Wapp and C Nyffenegger 15-5 18-14).