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The former heavyweight champion George Foreman has been subpoenaed to testify before a federal grand jury examining whether sanctioning organisations sold rankings and arranged fights in return for money. One area being investigated is whether the International Boxing Federation sold rankings and demanded money from promoters and fighters.

THURSDAY'S LATE RESULTS: Professional promotion (Aston Villa Leisure Centre, Birmingham) 6rds light-middleweight: M Scriven (Nottingham) bt A Houldey (Tipton) pts; 6rds light-middleweight: J Skeldon (Tipton) bt K Lang (Kidderminster) pts. Midland area welterweight championship: P Nightingale (Tipton) bt D Bell (Nottingham) pts. Welterweight: J Couch (Fleetwood) bt H Noller (Berlin) pts. Lightweight Championship of Great Britain: B Vanzie (Bradford) bt A Campbell (Shepherds Bush, London) pts.