Sporting Digest: Boxing

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PROFESSIONAL PROMOTION (Stevenage): 12-rds for British and Commonwealth lightweight championship: B Schwer (Luton, holder) bt S Murphy (St Albans) rsf 3rd. 6-rds light middleweight: G McCreesh (Bracknell) bt T Walton (Liverpool) pts. 6-rds light middleweight: N Thurbin (Clayhall) bt W Stephens (Birmingham) pts. 6-rds light-heavyweight: M Wright (Stevenage) bt B Mack (Birmingham) rsf 3rd. 4-rds light-middleweight: S McNess (Bethnal Green) bt B McDougall (Birmingham) pts. 6-rds middleweight: G Jackson (Battersea) bt C Richards (Nottingham) rsf 2nd. 8-rds light-middleweight: S Cummins (Leicester) bt J Kaighin (Swansea) rsf 3rd.