Sporting Digest: Boxing

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WORLD BOXING ASSOCIATION JUNIOR-FLYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP 12-rd (Kyongju, S Kor): Yuh Myung Woo (S Kor, holder) bt R Hosono (Japan) pts.

PROFESSIONAL PROMOTION (Oldham): 12-rd for British super-featherweight title: N Haddock (Llanelli, holder) bt Steve Walker (Manchester) rsf 7th. 6-rd super-featherweight: M Culpepper (Manchester) bt K McAuley (Doncaster) pts. 6-rd middleweight: S Foster (Manchester) bt R Washer (Swansea) pts. 6-rd light-heavyweight: M Core (Manchester) bt J Keighin (Swansea) pts. 6-rd lightweight: N Boyd (Manchester) bt T Royal (Bristol) pts.