Sporting Digest: Cycling

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Raimondas Rumsas of Lithuania won the fourth stage of the Prutour yesterday with a late attack 1.5 kilometres from the finish. Benoit Joachim of Luxembourg finished in ninth place to retain the overall leadership. Rumsas broke clear of a 20-man leading group on Constitution Hill, a steep cobbled climb in the centre of Swansea, and finished the 170km leg from Bristol with a winning margin of six seconds over Jens Voigt of Germany. The Latvian champion Juris Silovs was third.

PRUTOUR: Stage 4 (105.9 miles, Bristol to Swansea): 1 R Rumsas (Lit, MROZ) 4hr 39min 10sec; 2 J Voigt (Ger, Credit Agricole) 6sec behind; 3 J Silovs (Lat, Home Jack & Jones) +14sec; 4 P Jonker (Neth, Rabobank); 5 L Lebreton (Fr, BigMat Auber 93); 6 J Vaughters (US, US Postal Service); all same time. Overall standings: 1 B Joachim (Lux, US Postal Service) 15:14;45; 2 M Wauters (Bel, Rabobank) +2sec; 3 B Vestol (Nor, Acceptcard) +1min 20sec; 4 J Voigt 1:35; 5 R Rumsas +1:40; 6 P Jonker 1:55. Team standings: 1 Rabobank 45:49:46; 2 US Postal Service +56sec; 3 Acceptcard 2:23.

GIRO D'ITALIA 12th stage (168km, Cesenatico to Sassuolo): 1 M Cipollini (It) Saeco, 4hr 7min 7sec; 2 I Quaranta (It) Mobilvetta; 3 J Blijlevens (Neth) TVM; 4 L Cei (It) Navigare; 5 M Tosatto (It) Ballan; 6 N Minali (It) Cantina Tollo; 7 S Smetanine (Rus) Vitalicio Seguros; 8 J Svorada (Cz Rep) Lampre; 9 E Leoni (It) Liquigas; 10 V Duma (Ukr) Navigare; 11 F Guidi (It) Team Polti; 12 A Hauptman (Sloven) Vini Caldirola; 13 M Strazzer (It) Mobilvetta; 14 B Conte (It) Liquigas; 15 F Arazzi (It) Amica Chips; 16 S Schiavina (It) Riso Scotti; 17 A Edo, Spain, Kelme; 18 M Gili (It) Amica Chips; 19 C McRae (US) Mepei; 20 P Savoldelli (It) Saeco; all same time. Overall Standings: 1 Jalabert 50hr 53min 56sec; 2 Pantani +4sec; 3 D Frigo (It) Saeco +1min 02sec; 4 S Gontchar (Ukr) Vini Caldirola 1:13; 5 Gotti 1:17; 6 Clavero 1:22; 7 Camenzind 1:28; 8 Zulle 2:08; 9 Axelsson 2:09; 10 A Noe (It) Mapei 2:23; 11 Jimenez 2:43; 12 P Savoldelli (It) Saeco 2:48; 13 G Simoni (It) Ballan, 3:16; 14 A Shefer (Kaz) Riso Scotti 3:47; 15 R Sgambelluri (It) Cantina Tollo 3:51.