Sporting Digest: Cycling

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CATALAN WEEK RACE Second stage (Segur de Calafell to Andorra La Vella, 179km; Sp unless stated): 1 I Gaston 4hr 47min 15sec; 2 L Cubino; 3 P Delgado both same time; 4 L Gelfi (It) +18sec; 5 R Gusmeroli (It); 6 A Camargo (Col); 7 L Dufaux (Swit); 8 A Hampsten (US); 9 S Della Santa (It) all same time; 10 L Jalabert (Fr) +25. Leading overall standings: 1 Gaston 9hr 55min 20sec; 2 Cubino; 3 Delgado both same time; 4 Gelfi +18sec; 5 Della Santa; 6 Camargo; 7 Dufaux; 8 Gusmeroli; 9 Hampsten all same time; 10 Jalabert +25.