Sporting Digest: Equestrianism

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VOLVO WORLD CUP QUALIFIER (Dortmund): 1 San Patrignano Corrado (F Sloothaak, Ger) clear, 35.81sec; 2 Argot (E Gundel, Ger) clear, 35.92; 3 Almox Ratina Z (L Beerbaum, Ger) clear, 36.08. GB: 8 Everest Milton (J Whitaker) 4 faults, 36.52; 10= Everest Midnight Madness (M Whitaker) 4 faults in 1st round. Western European League standings: 1 J Lansink (Neth) 96pts; 2= M Whitaker (GB) and F Sloothaak (Ger) 79. Dortmund Grand Prix: 1 Everest Midnight Madness (M Whitaker, GB) clear, 36.53; 2 San Patrignano Dorina (F Sloothaak, Ger) clear, 37.01; 3 Panok Goldrausch (L McNaught-Mandli, Swit) clear 37.83.